Chris Stachiw (@KultureStach) is the Editor-in-Chief and co-host of the Kulturecast. He's a native Californian with a penchant for sarcasm and a taste for the cinematic bizarre. You'll often find him wandering the wasteland of Nebraska searching for the meaning of life and possibly another rare Pokemon.

Zach Wickwire (@pickupandplay) is the senior editor at Kulture Shocked. A seasoned gamer, Zach has been playing video games since the early 90s and have owned everything from the NES to the Xbox One. Aside from video games, Zach is a nerd of all trades and dabbles in everything from collectible card games to Gunpla.


Ash Suri is a junior editor and film staff writer for Kulture Shocked. When not drowning in school work or ignoring social obligations he enjoys watching movies on just about anything. Currently making his way through the cinema classics he hopes to one day write a novel, but he’ll probably end up playing The Witcher 3 instead.


 Tucker Boyd is a gaming staff writer for Kulture Shocked. Growing up, all he wanted was to play video games. Jokes on you, he never grew up. His life consists of video games every day, reading comic books and watching movies. These things have molded him into a giant pop culture fanatic and he's not a bit ashamed of it. He loves sitting down and having discussions about games, movies, and comics and dreams that one day he will be able to make a living of these things. 

Harrison Grey is a staff writer for Kulture Shocked, specializing in comic books and superheroes. Part time web comic writer and full-time insomniac, he lives in Texas and writes think pieces for fun. Approach cautiously; he is usually very tired and probably isn't paying attention.


Oscar Garza is an avid movie fan and loves to write about movies perhaps a little too much. He also considers Casino Royale to be the best James Bond film ever made and he's ready to defend at any moment. 


Eric Kniss (@TychoMagnetics) is the co-host of the Kulturecast and the guitarist for the sludge metal band Wovoka. He enjoys long walks on the beach, drinking copious amounts of cheap alcohol, and attempting to watch every horror movie in existence. He also trusts the fungus implicitly. 

Marc Hall (@decisivepumpk1n) is the senior editor at Kulture Shocked. A Nebraska boy born and raised, where he spends most of his time as a writer.  When not tearing up Xbox Live, he spends most of his time divided between Magic: The Gathering and his fiancee. 

Daniel Wickwire (@Roehm_21DW) is the multimedia director at Kulture Shocked and is currently living in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee after being displaced from his Nebraska homeland. His interests range from video games and collectibles to automobiles and science. 

Hugh Mitchell (@hughcmitchell) is a gaming staff writer for Kulture Shocked and the site’s unofficial southern hemisphere correspondent. When he’s not on the run from customs for importing Mortal Kombat games, you can find him slapping the bass in his Psych-Rock band Neptune Estate or enjoying the beautiful Queensland weather from the safety of his couch. Find him on Xbox as HUGhMAN79 or on Steam as ¼ Grump ♥ ☑ ✈.


Derek McLeod is a video game staff writer and dreamed of being a video game as a young boy. Then somebody told him that you can't really do that, so hecompromised by doing a bunch of stuff related to that, playing video games, reading about video games, writing about video games, working at a video game store, and all those good nerdy things. Aside from video games, he's also a dork of all trades, with an interest in heavy metal music, wrestling, sports, and Magic the Gathering.