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Gaming Flashback: PS2 on PS4

Gaming Flashback: PS2 on PS4

We're just over a week removed from the announcement, and initial release, of the first Playstation 2 titles on the Playstation 4, it's easy to speculate on what other classic PS2 titles could be released on the PS4 in the future. With the intial offers bringing classics like the Grand Theft Auto series, Dark Cloud, and Rogue Galaxy and Parappa the Rapper 2 and Max Payne on their way, here are then titles I'd like to see brought to the Playstation 4 with 1080p support, streaming, and all those little fancy bells and whistles intact.

#10 Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII is the only of the main line Final Fantasy titles that has yet to be ported from its original console to a modern machine. FFXII was the first of the games that radically changed up the formula and switch to be similar to the style of MMOs, and specifically Final Fantasy XI. A release as a Playstation 2 on PS4 title would save Square Enix the effort of a full scale remake, like they've done with Final Fantasy X and X-2, and would still give a chance to play the game in HD on their PS4s with trophy support and off screen play.

#9 Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium

I realize that this one is likely never going to happen due to a rights issue between the two compnaies involved, but it's still worth a look. The fighter featuring characters from Capcom and SNK's popular franchises, including Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, and many others. This was one of my favorite fighting games on the Playstation 2 and I would be happy to hand over whatever amount that Capcom and SNK wanted me to play to bring it to the Playstation 4.

#7 Mortal Kombat: Shoalin Monks

Shoalin Monks is a game I once started playing with my fiance, but never got around to finishing. I would love to see the game make its way to the Playstation 4 in same manner, because I would love to finish the game, even though Mortal Kombat 9 rebooted the franchise's story.

#6 God Hand

I haven't personally played God Hand, but being a product of Clover Studios, I am certain that the game will be well worth the wait, especially after playing Clover's other titles. God Hand wasn't the biggest hit upon its initial release, but I think that this gem could find its audience on the Playstation 4 and I would love to see it get another chance.

#5 Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

This is a game I wasn't able to play until just a couple of years ago, but I have to say that Klonoa 2: Luntea's Veil is one of the best hidden gems in the PS2's library. This 2.5D platformer is a follow up to the PS1 title, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, which was also remade on Wii. The game isn't quite as good as the first, but it's still one of the best 2D platforming experiences on the PS2.

#4 Viewtiful Joe

Another classic from Clover Studios, and something am I actually surprised never saw an HD collection port on the PS3 with its sequel. The action platformer is a lot of fun and its challenge along with its interesting game mechanics make it the perfect game to get revived as part of this initiative.  I'm sure the game would look fantastic upscaled to 1080p thanks to its colorful, cel-shaded graphics. Please, Capcom, make this one happen.

#3 Star Ocean: Til the End of Time

Bringing Star Ocean: Til the End of Time to the Playstation 4 seems like a no-brainer, especially with the fifth Star Ocean game, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness coming to the PS4 in 2016. As a fan of both this and its sibling from another developer, the "Tales of" franchise, I love these in depth action RPGs. With the fun battle system, great music, and great characters, I would welcome the opportunity to replay this game, even though I still own a copy on the PS2.

#2 Grandia III

Yet another great entry in a long running RPG series, and my personal pick for the best looking game on the PS2, I would love the opportunity to play this RPG that I, sadly, missed when it was on the PS2.

#1 Wild Arms: Alter Code F

Alter Code F is a remake of the launch RPG from the original Playstation, adding more characters, fleshing out the storyline, and giving the game an updated audio and visual overhaul. Already a great game, it deserved the enhancements to bring it up to speed with other RPGs of the PS2 era. Plus, that soundtrack, I could listen to the Alter Code F soundtrack all day long.

The Playstation 2 had such an amazing library that it was difficult to whittle this list down to just ten. With such an amazing library and so much potential for them to come to the PS4, I truly hope that Sony really runs with this and supports it with better titles than the fare that's been put on Nintendo's virtual console service as of late.

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