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Steam Police: It's Beginning To Look At Lot Like Steam-smas

Steam Police: It's Beginning To Look At Lot Like Steam-smas

Ahoy dear reader, it's that time of the year! The time of the year where Steam games go on sale and everybody spends way too much money on games they'll never play. I can attest to buying way more games than I'll ever be able to play, but hey, rainy days exist for a reason. So gather round and take in some holiday cheer as we look at more of what Steam has to offer. 


While I enjoy fast paced first person shooters like Call of Duty there is something to be said for a game like Verdun. Set during the infamous Battle of Verdun, the game thrusts the player into trench warfare that focuses more on being accurate with your shooting than running and gunning. It's an interesting take on the FPS genre and one that takes some adjusting to as accuracy and teamwork is key, especially when advancing across no-man's land from trench to trench. If you're sick of the futuristic offerings from the triple-A studios, then check out Verdun as it is historical warfare at its finest. 

Play If You Like: WWII, bolt-action rifles, trench warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Similar to VerdunChivalry: Medieval Warfare is a wholly unique experience that puts a sword in your hand, a helmet on your head, and dismemberment in your heart. Featuring several game modes, you play as opposing teams of medieval warriors hell bent on murdering each other with pole arms, broad swords, and crossbows. I've never been a huge fan of first person melee, but Chivalry is as close as it gets to perfection with its implementation. The gameplay is fantastic along with a deep unlock and customization system. Along with the base game, there is the Deadliest Warrior DLC which allows for fantasy fulfillment as it pits pirates against ninjas against vikings against other historic warriors. Both versions of the game are fantastic and totally worth a look. 

Play If You Like: swords, Deadliest Warrior, gore

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is unlike anything you've ever played, and that is one of its best qualities. The premise of the game is that you are a bomb defuser tasked with defusing progressively harder and harder bombs. Each bomb has a set number of puzzle panels all of which must be defused to stop the bomb from exploding. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. The problem comes from the addition of the bomb defusing manual that must be read and communicated to you by someone else who can't see what you are doing. It's a true test of communication and, in some of the games I've played, friendship. As the timer winds down, tempers flare and communication breaks down. It's a game that is unique, stressful, and a whole lot of fun. 

Play If You Like: testing friendships, Speed, intricate puzzles

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

LucasArts hasn't made a game worth talking about since Kinect Star Wars and that game is only worth talking about for insanity like this. However, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis may be my favorite licensed game they ever made. Not only does it capture the original tone of the films so expertly, but it also gives the player three distinct paths for Indiana in the game: wits, fists, and team. Each path affects the ending and some of the story beats which, while not unseen anymore, was exciting at the time. Along with distinct point-and-click gameplay, the story and voice acting is signature Indiana Jones with a supernaturally infused story that of course features those dastardly Nazis. It's an awesome game and, in my opinion, the true fourth film in my favorite franchise.  

Play If You Like: Indiana Jones, point-and-click games, ancient Babylonian technology

Mount Your Friends

There is little that can be said about a game like Mount Your Friends; it needs to be played to be believed. It involves stacking thong-clad men on top of a goat balancing on a pole in the middle of a field. You read that right, and I'm not going to repeat myself. Honestly, there isn't much left to say about the game other than there is real weiner physics and that you need to play it, especially with friends. 

Play If You Like: Man-thongs, flailing ding dongs, naked men

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