Riot Games Takes a Firm Stance Against Toxic Player Behavior at the End of Season 5

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Riot Games Takes a Firm Stance Against Toxic Player Behavior at the End of Season 5

League of Legends is easily one of the world’s most played PC games right now. Last years, Riot Games boasted that 67 million players worldwide enjoy the game and up to 7.5 million have been logged in at once. Gaming communities can get ugly and Riot Games has made a valiant effort to clean up player behavior for Season 5, which has ended November 11th,

Straight from Jeffrey Lin, Social Coordinator of Riot games, these are the types of Players not being rewarded this year:

– Received excessive warnings or bans for toxicity (league of legends word for being nasty to others)

– Players who have developed a habit of leaving games early

– Players who have received one Chat or Gameplay restrictions and have an active restriction

— Jeffery Lin, Riot Games

In addition to cleaning up player conduct, Riot has reaffirmed their commitment to catch players who use Elo Boosting. Some sites are willing to take money to use professional Summoner to play on an the buyer’s account via a VPN, to increase their rank. These services are not cheap and it’s a sophisticated process that Riot Games is looking into abolishing. One infraction has a steep penalty of 2-week suspension, while a second infraction will mean a permanent ban.

Season 6 is set to begin shortly. Players would do well to stay clear of disciplinary action but conducting themselves in accordance with Riot’s Terms. 

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