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Picture yourself as a gigantic blue cell shaded worm that is trapped in an 80's club and you get Also please envision a yellow worm trapped in a box. Add googly eyes and the ridiculousness ensues. is very similar to Snake in that you eat bugs to grow bigger. Also try to listen for the raucous 80's jams and you're in the zone. So many worms and so little time as you're ambling and slithering about.

There's not the greatest amount to do in this game. From Free For All to Random team and everything in between to a mode literally called 'Hunger Games'. has very interesting game play but it only serves up a bore. Grow this worm or that one. But ultimately the music saves the game from disparagement. Seriously, you're a worm and the only thing that could be duller is if you were maybe a mouse on a generic white and black background. Or how about a mouse that was put on a non-chromatic board and had to chase cheese and there is no timer.

So whilst I was bored from Free For All I delved into a different mode. Did I mention it is free to play because it is. Good thing Steam decides to take chances on games like this. I have seen worse but there was really no calm before the storm. I ventured henceforth into a mode called Hunger Games. In Hunger Games you wait for a 20 player lobby and once you have 20 players it is time to rock and roll. Hunger Games consists of 20 players that vie for supremacy. All the while the 80's tunes grace your ears in a blend of euphoric bliss. The color of the worm is yellow apparently and the googly eyes adds to the fun atmosphere. If you die it says and it is quoted. "You have been eaten!". And that's not very cliché at all, not one iota. And the button that it displays is a hideous brain jarring yellow one. Literally, it smacks you in the proverbially face with its awful yellow color. In Hunger Games you can move to and fro with your mouse cursor but you can also throw part of your body? What the hell? Yeah, your thing can throw its body for the sake of who knows what. But the objective is to grab and eat many different colorful insects. Bugs and butterflies.

But why would a worm eat a butterfly? Aren't worms supposed to turn into butterflies. Or at least the pupa? The confusion sits in and anyone reading this it is okay to scratch your head. The mechanics are just dragging the around to eat these colorful blue, yellow and red and green bugs. They are so tiny! And don't forget throwing your body at other'? Also in Hunger Games if you are good enough you can advance to stage two. Whilst playing there was a worm that looked like a frankfurter package. It was red white and blue much akin to a package of Ball Park Beef Franks Hotdogs or maybe Bar S dogs. Another one bumped into me and looked like a chain. That worm was very shiny and glaring. If you die you're essentially eaten by other worms in something called equipment. The game stated to get to round two to retrieve equipment? What equipment is this like any video game where you lose your equipment and have to get it back? Conjuring up games that had equipment that was stolen is ultimately a plethora. Link's Past, Shining Force, Half-Life 2. What does it mean equipment? Does it mean the blobs that you turn into when you die? Why is there a white saw blade near the outer edges?

The ambiguity is certainly uncanny. held my attention for a little bit but it is just too stale to have any worth. It is like the box of crackers you find at the dollar store. Sure, for a dollar it is a steal but do you really want to eat stale generic crackers when there are Nabisco's Premium Saltines around the bend? Or how about Ritz Crackers?

The music is a redeeming feature and is by Dubmaad.

Final Say: Skip it

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