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Hell Yeah!: Wrath of Dead Rabbit Review: Back From the Dead

Hell Yeah!: Wrath of Dead Rabbit Review: Back From the Dead


Right from the get go an inferno screen greets you. It is fiery and reminiscent of the fire that roasts amarshmallow.

The screen says "Hell Yeah."

You play as a hell rabbit named Ash, and no we aren't talking about the Evil Dead. Ash is a hell rabbit sent to get minions and kill lots of crap, baddies, whatever you want to call them. Ash is tasked with getting his blackmailed photos back. There is some Jazz Jackrabbit influence in the game. Albeit, take away his kung-fu flips and give him Jazz's gun, and you have a substantial influence.

This game is a platformer in the purest sense. The collectibles for the game are blue and yellow encased what-appear-to-be skulls? These can be used later on to shop for cosmetic items and in-game items like missile launchers. At least that is what they resemble. Ash will jump around and do a double back flip a- la ninja style. He turns into black smoke and then reappears like that of our good friend Smoke from Mortal Kombat. Ring any bells?

There needs to be mention of Ash's black body and his deep foreboding yellow eyes. Holy crap! Those things are yellow. There is also "phat lootz" and a blood meter. My assumption would be the blood meter charges up an attack. Oh in the art he has a black body but in the game, he's a white death bunny with a cape. Funny how that works.

If Cthulu lost one eye, it would be one of the enemies in Hell Yeah. Seriously, they are yellow and have purple wings. Maybe they might closely resemble the Beholder from D&D? Either way, they just pester the gamer. If you like talking octopuses that are purple named Nestor you the gamer are in pure luck. This game has that. Though, if you get stuck on a level and have nowhere to go? Or you're super confused like in any Metroid game or Castlevania game. Please don't hesitate to hit the c button. This will zoom out of the map and give you pause to figure out where the hell to go.

Maybe you don't like a purple octopus with a hobo style top hat and monocle. Because once an octopus is purple why not make it have a monocle.  What about jumping on green butts that have purple hearts on the right side of the butt? Or was it Toukas? Toukas may very well work better here. Speaking of green butts in Hell Yeah they are bouncy platforms. They serve as catapults. Which brings us transitionally into our next point, level design.

The level design is incredibly smart and very well colored. The environment even for hell is never drab, it, in fact, has dazzling yellows and greens. Not to mention the prince is white so the colors get along.  You've now turned into a rabbit that has a death razor and can smash walls with said blade? There is a poop monster with a saw blade vertically on his face? Does any of this remind anyone of Conker's Bad Fur Day? Maybe they pulled a bunch of references or maybe not.  So do you save in a toilet bowl? Not exactly, the game has an automatic save function. For when you're having trouble dispatching baddies on your accord, there's an automatic save function, no Resident Evil typewriter tape shenanigans here.

The gameplay is quite fun, and it ranges from regular prince rabbit Ash to --Ash goes wild and saw blades everything in his way bloody-rabbit-kill-time. Leaving dead and green squished eyes to poop monsters. Use the space bar to launch a nasty and dirty diagonal slice attack in a fury of red. In any set level, the objective is to kill multiple monsters to unlock the doors. Or as Ash calls them hell gates. There is a store to buy upgrades. There are big mean and ugly bosses. How about a purple, yellow eyed flying -monster. Its wings are tiny, but it doesn't do that much just look at you with its deep yellow eyes.

The charm of Hell Yeah is its funny sense of humor and tight gameplay. Upgrading any weapon is fun and easy.  The amazing backdrops drop you into the atmosphere. The story doesn't serve the strongest purpose but is propelled by humor.  The controls probably feel better on a 360 controller, but they're pretty okay on the PC. Follow Ash on his journey to get his blackmailing photographs back; you probably won't regret taking a stroll in hell.  Oh but the mini games are a huge blemish in the game. Why so many? But this won't detract you from having a hell of a time with a crazy rabbit prince.
The enemy types are extremely varied from a boss fight with something called Ash sits there blankly waiting for you to control him. Won't you? You're not just going to leave the poor guy in hell are you? Would you be so cruel to do so?

Final Say: Play it!

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