“Die You Vile Words!”: Words Must Die Review

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Do you remember the Wild West? Well, historically there may have been words. Just as in the Grecian times, the Roman times and let’s not let us forget the Egyptian times. But what you didn’t know is that you can shoot the words in the face. That’s right folks step right up and shoot the words in the face.

Or at least that is the synopsis of a free to play game called Words Must Die. Every so often you have to go off the beaten path. You the gamer according to Rock Paper Shotgun’s Brendan Caldwell, “Interactive fiction for cowboys who only play FPS games. Roll into Open Grave, Arizona (or Body Heap, New Mexico) with your trusty revolver and get ready for a gunfight, because Nasty Jack’s whole crew is hiding out in this saloon. But you ain’t gon’ kill that Jack and his posse by shooting them in the body. No sir, you gotta shoot them boys in the words – hard.”

Fire away! There are those damn puns again, creeping ever so close to you the reader’s attention span. There’s no need to digress but to move forward. This game is indeed not on Steam so do not look for it there. Instead, go to Rock Paper Shotgun.com and click the link for Mac and PC and have a blast. Whoops, too soon.

The story is you’re a gunslinger named… what the devil are you named? Thus far you have no name. And no you’re not Gordon Freeman. The sounds in the game for a gun-slinging Western are all there. The sad sounding accordion accompanied by a mellow drum greets the ears.     — “Kaboom you blast the lock off your boarding house door and kick it open.  The day of reckoning has arrived. You stomp out into the streets, and you head for Nasty Jack’s Saloon.” – Words Must Die.   Just this tidbit shows the hilarity that emanates from Words Must Die.  The day of reckoning has arrived.  Kaboom! These are small sentences and words that would are inspired by the likes of Duke Nukem 3D and Serious Sam for the PC.  So right away we have the setting.

Armed with a sick shooter and looking for a fight with words we saunter over to a paragraph and blast the hell out of it.  But the paragraph serves as the game’s story and is relatively amusing. Blasting at anything just requires the left mouse button.  The graphics seem to be decent for the game. The gun looks like a revolver and the old western feel to the game is experienced from the dirt on the ground to the swinging saloon doors.   Though something odd happens when you walk towards the sign.

Is that a plunger?

Nope false alarm it is a light. But high above you see a sign that says Saloon, but it looks like a plunger.   But the oddity of it all is the sign has a mustache. What a silly game. A sign with a mustache just pours back into the sense of humor the game has.  It probably wasn’t wise to kill all the people in the saloon. But you think to yourself in the game. They had it coming… even the ragtime piano player. You hear a couple of horses neigh and then really nothing.  “You blast a hole in the three of hearts. “I’m here for my revenge,” you shout, Then you unload your whole cylinder into the floor the ceiling the wall.” – Words must die again, the chunks of story that are the paragraphs are a clever way of telling the story.

In terms of gameplay, you the gamer mainly shoot cardboard cut-outs and of course words!
Words Must Die has an interesting concept that excels. It excels because of the goofiness in the story. The verbiage they chose to use was very interactive. And that’s just it. It is an interactive game where you blast words. It harkens back to the age of maybe Zork and text based adventure games but more representational of a 3D-environment. Not to mention the music blends in well with the world. Games in this reviewer’s opinion not only need fun but a story to go along with it. Words Must Die does exactly that.  Shoot and ask questions later in this narrative-driven game.

Final Say: Play it!

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