Street Fighter V: Complete™ Edition

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I am of the opinion that at launch, Street Fighter V was an unfinished game. I and many others stand by this statement. However, with Street Fighter V’s season 2 already underway, I think now is a good time to look at not only the new Deluxe version of the game, but also the progress, or lack thereof, made since the game’s release nearly a year ago.

The biggest announcement of season 2 was not that Akuma was returning from his long, arduous journey of dominating Tekken 7 tourneys to become playable in Street Fighter V, and it was not that all the other season 2 characters would be original. It wasn’t even the patch notes for season 2, yes Ryu got nerfed but not enough. Oh no, it was the announcement of Street Fighter V Deluxe Edition. Similar to Mortal Kombat XL, this version ships with both Season 1 and 2 passes included. Its starting price $89.99 at Gamestop and on Steam Sale, at the time of writing this article, for $47.28.

While this edition is great, it’s only $79.97 before tax to get a new copy of SFV from Gamestop, currently $19.99, and the two season passes, both at $29.99. So, it brings up the question of why have another edition if it’s just going to be cheaper for new players to buy the old version and get the season passes? I honestly don’t have an answer. However, when a deluxe or definitive edition comes out, it usually signals a game’s end or completion. So now it’s time to look if Street Fighter V is finally a complete game.


Street Fighter V’s original story mode was just 4 battles strung together by comic book style “cut scenes.” I put the quotes because they were just still images that would change barely after some dialogue. They did not look like they were put together by AAA game company. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’s comic style scenes put this to shame, and it was on the PSP. This story mode still exists since there’s one for each character, but in June a general story mode was added that a mix of the comic style and 3D cut scenes. While it still doesn’t compare to a story mode like Mortal Kombat X’s, it still a vast improvement.

Arcade Mode

404: Mode not found. This classic mode still hasn’t been added. The closest the game has is its survival mode.

Net code/Net play

The online component of any fighting game is crucial, and SFV is no different. While all the efforts of the team to hit rage-quitters is, by all means, commendable, it doesn’t help when people are being treated as rage-quitters when the server disconnects them. UltraDavid just tweeted about this problem. He was temporarily banned for rage-quitting after the server kicked him three times. The tweet is here. While the net code has seen improvement since launch, it is still far from perfect. I am still getting choppy games, games that look more like storyboarding than animation, and games that have a KO rolled back on 4 and 5 bar connections. If this was a 1 or 2 bar connection, I could easily understand, but this shouldn’t be happening on 4 or 5 bar connections. It definitely shouldn’t be happening as often as it does since I have 200/200 internet with a ping of 30.


You might as well call the graphics department YouTube because it has clips for days. Laura’s hair clips through her arm, Ken’s through his shoulder and neck, Chun Li’s through her shoulder, etc. These problems have been there since launch, and it feels like nothing has been done about them. The models even clip on the character select screen, it’s ridiculous. An honorable mention for the graphics is Ken’s overall redesign. The character has bananas for hair. Seriously, look it up if you haven’t, it’s great.

While Street Fighter V is in a much better place than it was at launch, it still far from perfect. There’s still a pretty long road ahead for the game to reach where it needs to be, particularly where online play is concerned. However, it is nice that it no longer feels like an entirely unfinished game.

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