The Path to Die is Steam Greenlit

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The Path to Die is the first work to be developed by Cat Logic Games, a small indie studio from Barcelona.

The game’s world is set on a gorgeous 2D pixel art Feudal Japan and you’re a samurai who has to explore, fight, and survive your way through it.

The Path to Die has recently been greenlit on Steam, and it definitely looks to be one of those indie jewels that come up to the surface every once in a while. Even though the game’s development is already in an advanced stage, the studio turned to Kickstarter in an attempt to get what’s still missing in funds so they can improve the game. Getting a BSO on par with the art design, one of the most original and outstanding characteristics of the game, and also, part of the funding is used to translate the game to more languages. The funding on Kickstarter will begin on the first fortnight of May.

The company has released a pre-Kickstarter trailer in which you are presented with a stunning and extremely well-crafted 2D pixel art, that reveals many wild and historical Japanese landscapes along with incredibly immersive background music, and what it seems to be a great and somewhat complex combat mechanic.

The whole game works with an aerial (top) camera view, the combat system according to the company will allow you to wield the sword through the movement of the right stick (or the mouse) for an innovative experience.

The Path to Die‘s exploration system will not be neglected, since to overcome obstacles and adversities it will be necessary to collect all kinds of objects that might help you to increase your health, save the game, or open new paths, everything that is more than crucial for you to give continuity to your journey.

Along with Steam, Cat Logic Games pretends to publish the game also on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

If you’re into 2D pixel art, action games, Japan, samurais, or indie games, The Path to Die will certainly satisfy you.

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