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Horrortober III: The Heretic

Horrortober III: The Heretic

It's that time of the year again dear Kulture Shockers where horror movies are the only thing on the menu. The horror genre is on the rise with films like Blair WitchDon't Breathe, and The Witch with another big release at the end of October with Rings. We'll brave the wilds of the genre to look at overlooked classics (The Exorcist III: The Heretic), obscure slashers (Valentine), and one of David Cronenberg's strangest films to date (Videodrome). 

So join us fellow Shockers as we make our way through the best genre in film and introduce you to some of the true gems!

Week 1 (2nd - 8th)

Monday Kulturecast: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Tuesday: Shivers

Wednesday: Valentine

Thursday Kulturecast: Society

Week 2 (9th - 15th)

Monday Kulturecast: The Loved Ones

Tuesday: The Exorcist III: The Heretic

Wednesday: The Blob (1988)

Thursday Kulturecast: Mimic

Week 3 (16th - 22nd)

Monday Kulturecast: Pandorum

Tuesday: Session 9

Wednesday: Ravenous

Thursday Kulturecast: Videodrome

Week 4 (23rd - 29th)

Monday Kulturecast: Jason X

Tuesday: Eden Lake

Wednesday: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Thursday Kulturecast: Let Us Prey

Week 5 (30th-31st)

Monday Kulturecast: Rings


They Came from Within: 'Shivers' Review

They Came from Within: 'Shivers' Review

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