That’s My Opinion: Sony to Release Aunt May Film

Posted in The Screening Room by - November 12, 2014

Sony needs to have the Spider-Man franchise taken away from them by any means necessary, quite possibly even forcibly. With mediocre to bad reviews on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the Venom movie being canceled for no reason, and the Sinister Six film being a “soft reboot” with possibly Spider-Man even being recast. Sony needs to relinquish all rights to Spider-Man to Marvel so that the franchise can be revived under the Marvel Studios brand and integrated into the Cinematic Universe.

Now there are rumors of a film centered on Aunt May in the works. Aunt May is a third-tier character in the comics and the films which begs the question as to why she needs her own film. Releasing a movie about Aunt May is about as exciting as a film about J. Jonah Jameson being released, no one really cares that much. It furthers the lack of foresight that Sony has in handling comic book material.  

While I personally am not the biggest fan of the Cinematic Universe, the new Spider-Man films have been totally unnecessary from a fan perspective. The Amazing Spider-Man came only five years after Spider-Man 3 and did nothing to warrant the franchise being rebooted. Sony wanted to keep the rights to the Spider-Man franchise so it’s understandable that they would release another movie to ensure the retention of the franchise but unlike the work Fox has done with X-Men, the new Spider-Man films feel derivative in a bad way. 

Give up the rights Sony, seriously, you’ve done your damage, now let Marvel do what they do best: make a film the fans actually want to see. 

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