So Bad They’re Still Bad But Charming In A Sad Way: The Tommy Wiseau Tribue List

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October’s theme pretty much defined itself: Halloween and horror movies go together like Tommy Wiseau and Korean jean jackets. However, when we thought about what November’s theme should be, we came up with movies so bad they’re still bad but charming in a sad way. As opposed to doing a movie a day, we will be doing two reviews a week posted on Monday and Friday with the weekly Kulturecast on Sunday. We also tried to avoid the obvious choices such as Super Mario Bros. or Battlefield Earth so that we can introduce you to some new bad movies. Our list is as follows:

Week 1 (2nd-8th): Garbage Comes To Town

Sunday: The Room

Monday: Riki Oh: The Story of Riki

Friday: Cool as Ice

Week 2 (9th-15th): Garbage Comes To Town 2: The Return of the Compactor

Sunday: Miami Connection

Monday: Werewolves on Wheels

Friday: The Avengers (No, not that one, even if they’re both bad)

Week 3 (16th-22nd): Garbage Comes To Town 3: The Garbaging

Sunday: Suburban Commmando

Monday: Flash Gordon

Friday: Black Gestapo

Week 4 (23rd-29th): Garbage Comes To Town 4: Mr. Trashcan Goes To Washington

Sunday: Mac and Me

Monday: Troll 2

Friday: No Holds Barred

Week 5 (30th) Garbage Comes To Town 5: Revenge of the Filth

Sunday: Birdemic: Shock and Terror


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