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Kevin Spacey to Star as Richard Nixon in 'Elvis & Nixon'


Kevin Spacey will star as Richard Nixon opposite Michael Shannon as Elvis Presley in Elvis & Nixon, a film based on the infamous picture. The script for the film has been in the works since 2011 when Cary Elwes was in the director chair with Danny Huston and Eric Bana as the leads. The film was mired in development hell for three years partially due to the lackluster drawing power of the previous leads, which seems to have been alleviated with the casting of Kevin Spacey. Spacey seems to be in the middle of a career revival due to the success of House of Cards and his involvement in other media as well so casting him should bring more eyes to the project than with Danny Huston.

Two men at the height of their powers, conscious they could not stay on top forever, both ripped with fear of the inevitable, sharing one famous private moment in the Oval office. ELVIS & NIXON recounts the morning of December 21st 1970, when the King of Rock’ n Roll (Michael Shannon) showed up on the White House lawn to request a meeting with the most powerful man in the world, President Richard Nixon (Kevin Spacey). He had a very urgent request: to be sworn in as an undercover Federal Agent at large. This intimate moment in the Oval office between two men at the height of their powers has never been told.
— American Film Market

The movie should be at least interesting and entertaining, hopefully in the vain of Frost/Nixon, an underrated film on Nixon's encounter with journalist David Frost. 

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